Foot Soldier                                        

A very special thanks to so many people who made this film possible due to their generous and charitable donations and amazing hospitality:

Special Thanks:

Christopher Crane                 Julio O Ramos                              Norman Ronneberg Jr
Christopher Denny                Lori Mabry                                    Andre Bearfield
Joetta Duke                         Napoleon the goat                         Michael Benavente, M.P.S.E
Gary Jones                          The Mattox Family                          The Producers Studio
The Rep                              Becky Smith                                  Albert Malvez
Sarah Tackett                       Nancy Richardson, A.C.E                 Doug Hodges
Yancey Prosser                     A.P. Gonzalez                                 Sandra Lawton
Erin McGhee                        Phil Kuchard                                   Sony Pictures Sound Department
Eugenia Williams                  Jules Nurrish                                  Rich Dwiggins
Cece Hall                            Rory Kelly                                       Adam Faucett
Chuck Martin                       Tom Denove                                   Mandy McBryde
Neal Sugarman                    Miles Miller                                     Bonnie Montgomery
Gerry Bruno                         Kyle Laursen                                  Alex Piazza
Jim Alexander                      Vivian Lee                                      Mike Poe
Byron Burth                         Community Bakery                          and the many others I am forgetting.                
Steve Stone                         Pulaski County Police Department
Sharon Stone                       Faulkner County Police Department
Tony Onah                           Katie Cox
Gyula Gazdag                       Donald Buell

A very special thanks to my patient and loving family.